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Now available in the iTunes App Store is our brand new
            "Healing Seeds Devotional App."


This exciting app is a devotional library that is sure to build your faith. The library contains the following:


A 365-day audio devotion with scriptures and insights taken from the Encounter Life Healing School.


It also contains an scripture affirmation audio with accompanying scriptures where you can read along and make powerful scripture declarations over yourself.


The third part of the library is an audio reading of all the major scriptures in both the Old and New Testaments that speak of healing, miracles, restoration, etc.

Welcome To Encounter Life!

Our aim at Encounter Life is to be a resource of total healing - spirit, soul, & body. The Encounter Life Healing School is a comprehensive study into what the Bible has to say about our health and our covenant right to receive supernatural healing from God. We do an exhaustive study on how toxic emotions and traumatic events can cause our immune system to become compromised resulting in sickness and disease. The course is divided into 5 parts:

Attention Pastors: You can host an Encounter Life Healing School in your church and have your healing teams trained and certified in our "Theologos" method of ministering healing.

The event consists of approximately 10-12 hours of teaching and prayer ministry. By having sessions on Friday night, Saturday morning & evening, and Sunday, you can have the entire school in one weekend.

Healed of Asthma!

So greatful to God and the Healing School after receiving healing of asthma! My energy is back, my breathing is clear, and I'm exercising more. Life feels normal again. And what a suprise to learn that at the root of it was stress and spirit of rejection. Learning the spiritual component of sickness more in depth really alerted me to how mindful we must be of Satan's devices.

The process of repenting, and renouncing what I allowed in my life was the key to my deliverance, and I am thankful for Dr. Hulsey taking the class through that process. Thank you for your servants heart! - Lisa from Tennessee.

Healed of Multiple Sclerosis!

Miracles!! God is still working miracles.


In 2010 I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. On Sunday, October 27, 2013, I attended the Encounter Life Healing School at Global Fire Church, a non-denominational congregation in Murfreesboro, TN. At the end of the service Dr. Michael Hulsey invited those that needed to be healed to come down front. My friend encouraged me to get in the prayer line and receive my healing.


I stood there looking around scared to death wondering which way they were going to knock me down, or which way I was going to fall. Little did I know that would not happen to me. Keep in mind that I was raised and attended Baptist churches all my life.


When I walked up and he asked me what I was there with, I told him MS. With a mighty voice he said, “I have been waiting for you.” I was prayed over and healed of Multiple Sclerosis. It was Doctor verified on Tuesday, October 29, 2013 as I had a follow-up appointment with my Neurologist where an MRI, with and without contrast, was completed. Due to his computers being down, I could not get the results that day. He did call the next day with the GOOD NEWS! Yesterday, November 20, 2013, I received his written report that states, “No evidence of active Demyelinating Disease seen on the current examination.”


Also, Michael prayed for my body to be healed of all other infirmities and I felt healing immediately and shared that after leaving church that day.              

- D.J.